Dance Plus 3


Dance Plus 3, the reality show is now ON only on Star Plus. After conducting auditions in various cities of India, the show is up with some new buzzing and stunning performers all over the India.


Image result for Dance Plus 3

Dance Plus 3


Remo Dsouza is all up with to go International with the new season of popular Dance Plus 3 – One Level UP.

As the stage has been all set for Dancers, the participants will be a part of the teams. There are three teams in the show with judges Shakti Mohan, Dharmesh Yelande and Punit Pathak. Along with them, one new team of comprising of dancers from all over the globe will also be part of the show.

So this time, this new version of Dance Plus 3 is not only loaded with Indian stars, it will also comprise of performers from other corners of the world!

So this time, the fans will have a really new level of entertainmnet and enjoyment. Dance Plus 3 can be watched on Star Plus.


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