Jio DataBase Leak – Personal Information Out!

As per the buzz, the site  is the place where you can find the User details of any Jio Customer.

Already the domain is being slow and will soon be removed. Go check if yours was leaked too before it is removed!!!


Jio Database Leak

Jio Database leak

All you need is the Jio number and you can find some personal information of the Jio User that were submitted during the registration.

Also in some cases, even the Aadhaar Number of the customer could be seen though it still varies from case to case.

It is the biggest data breach that can be expected in India. Go find check yours at If not found at once try submitting the same from 5-6 times to get the information.


Another Ransomware – PETYA

Another Ransomware PETYA is on the role. After the hue and cry “WannaCry” caused, Petya is another one in the row to knock systems down.

Petya has spread through the European and the US region. The major firms facing casualty are the WPP, French Construction materials, oil firms Evraz and Rosneft.
Food company Mandelez, legal firm DLA Piper and Heritage Valley Health System also reported their systems being hit by PETYA.



PETYA is a RANSOMWARE ATTACK. Ransomware is a type of malware that denies access to your systems files and applications. It demands some price in order to restore your access to your system.

PETYA works in a similar manner like WannaCry. If affected, the ransomware encrypts relevant documents and files asking some money in return to decrypt the same. Usually a digital key is required to decrypt the files, which one can get only after paying the amount in BITCOINS.,d_placeholder_wired.png,fl_progressive,g_face,h_450,q_80,w_800/v1494633117/wired_ransomware.jpg




PETYA ransomware is demanding $300, payable in Bitcoin. It spreads rapidly across the network once a system is infected. It makes the use of the EternalBlue vulnerability in Microsoft Windows or other administrative tools.
PETYA is programmed to try more than one option to spread. If it fails in one, it tries another one.

Windows users are the one who are most affected in this. Although Microsoft has provided the patch for the same, but most of the people have not updated the same.

PETYA launched itself into the main stream via. a software update mechanism built into an accounting program that Ukarinian Government and the companies working with it require. This is the reason of major spread of the reansomware in Ukrainian Organizations.


In a world where everything is devouring digital, The INTERNET holds the potential for endeavoring high marketing and sales.

Witnessing the drift of the masses onto the digital platform and experiencing the ease and efficiency in reaching out to them, Big industries and firms are now taking “Digital Marketing” seriously.

SEO: The Movie

“Digital Marketing” is  booming, giving fruitful results to those who know how to properly nurture it. SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMM (Social Media Marketing), SMO (Social Media Optimization), Email Marketing etc are the various avenues that come under the domain.

In the era, even the pioneers of the field thought to give out their knowledge, to throw at the new learners, telling them how all the process began, how actually SEO came into existence.

SEO: The Movie released on 20th July features the real story of Search Engine Optimization. Told by the giants of the DIGITAL MARKETING domain namely Danny Sullivan, Rand Fishkin, Jill Whalen, Brett Tabke, Rae Hoffman and Barry Schwartz.

The flick is narrated, directed and produced by the John Lincoln, CEO Ignite Visibility.

On can watch the trailer of the SEO: The Movie below:

SEO: The Movie takes you to the early days of SEO when jamming and spamming was common among the bloggers.It describes the battle between the affiliates and the main streams, between black hats and white hats.

SEO: The Movie by John Lincoln

SEO: The Movie portrays how Matt Cutts – former head of Web Spam team at Google changed the industry, bringing in Google Updates for the search engine. The movie even has commentary on what lies ahead for the SEO and the geeks in the industry.

It also features some major Internet Marketing players, the history of SEO along with some top software providers that emerged as biggies in the field. Moz, SEM Rush, Spy Fu, Rio SEO are amongst a few of them.

The movie summaries timeline history of the SEO in a documentary style, interviewing the top industry influencers. They talk about their companies and its success covering obstacles they faced and strategies they implemented to tackle the obstacles, thus rising to the top.

SEO pioneers Danny Sullivan of Third Door Media and Search Engine Land, Rand Fishkin of, Jill Whalen, former CEO of High Rankings, Brett Tabke, founder of Pubcon and WebmasterWorld, Rae Hoffman of Sugarrae, Barry Schwartz of Search Engine Land appear in the movie.


The movie is produced and directed by the Ignite Visibility, which is a premier Internet Marketing company based in San Diego totally focused on providing the highest level of customer service in the industry.